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Nitrile gloves, blue, powderfree

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Nitrile gloves, blue, powderfree, free choice of size

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Niltril Handschuhe

Doctor putting on sterile gloves isolated on white. scientist wearing glove. Human wearing glove on white background. blue rubber glove on a man hand isolated on white

At the hospital, the doctor´s office, in retirement homes or in the food industry – in a lot of business fields, the use of disposable gloves is absolutely required. Disposable nitrile gloves do not only protect the skin of the carrier, but also prevent the transmission of bacteria. For the optimal comfort, we recommand disposable nitrile gloves. They offer an excellent fit, can be worn for a longer period of time, give a pleasant feeling while working and also guarantee the best hygiene. The material is not only tearproof, but also elastic, flexible and robust and the perfect alternative for people who suffer from latex allergy. Furthermore, the product provides an ideal tactile feeling and reliable adhesion, so that precise work and filigree tasks can be fulfilled perfectly.

Our nitrile gloves can be used when handling food – for example in large kitchens, canteens or in catering, because they are powderfree – in accordance to the current rules – and they do not contain any softener. On top of that, they show a high resistance against chemicals, oils and greases, can be used easily and be stored hygienically thanks to the collection box they are delivered in. Employees in cosmetic professions protect themselves from infectious skin diseases, when cleaning, nitrile gloves prevent the skin from contact with aggressive cleansing agents. More and more, nitrile gloves are used in supermarkets and barber shops, too. 

We, the yourhygiene-team, offer nitrile gloves in packs of 100 pieces at fair prices for business customers, we accept orders of 10.000 boxes or more. We watch out and only offer certified, high quality products, in order to deliver the best product possible for the protection of your employees and clients. 

Attention! We only deliver 10.000 boxes or more. Please get in contact with us, so that we can put together a not-binding offer for you. We are available via hotline and per contact form.